What is dealmitra site is all about?

Dealmitra is meant for sharing maximum deals with users of the site. We acquire deals from all types of service providers and collate it here for our users

Are all deals free of charge?

No, though we thrive get maximum free deals on our site, there are some deals which are paid. But these paid deals are premium deals and mostly related to premium brand where user can get maximum discounts while paying fraction of amount to get that deal

Is the dealmitra membership free?

Yes, the good news is membership of dealmitra is free, but there is an option to opt for paid membership also and some of the premium deals are only for paid members

What is the advantage of Paid membership and price?

Paid membership is only for Rs. 250 per year where user buying the paid membership gets the coupon of value 3000 delivered to his doorstep. Some premium deals are provided only to the paid members of the site which are from premium brands. Click here to know current premium deals

How do I search deals which interests me?

The team of Dealmitra has created easy search to solve this problem. This search includes location, category, discount percenatge range, keywords to help you find most suitatble deals for you.